ICKRAMOCK more details

I have had a few requests for more information on this pocket cruiser. I live on my sailboat the HOGFISH MAXIMUS full time and only have Internet when I go ashore where I can pick it up. I have not reached the point of buying antennas to reach long distances. With this in mind please just email me questions as I can then answer them back on the boat at night and send off when next ashore. With the blogs, and facebook I need WYFY to get at the questions so I then have to do this when ashore. Sorry I just don’t have the time for this….. But at night yes as I have time then.

Look at the scale for the drawings. You should be able to print out and draw up your own plans to suit you.

It takes me 80-100 hours to do a full set of plans for a flats skiff and the same for a boat like this being a bit less with all the calculations and such.

I hatch these ideas when on watch and cess them out over time. I have drawn in some people here to show scale for the dreamers in us. I’am 5’3″ tall. Perfect for most any boat. The people shown here are 5’6″ with that being the headroom designed. 

You need to really get along to have two people onboard for any length of time.

My guess for the costs to build this boat today would go from a low of $5,000.00 on up depending on materials and your resourcefulness.  



Here’s what the difference from the two building methods will look like. My shapes are a bit complicated but I feel the extra work is worth the effort. I would still make a strong back jig to build or lay the panels over to make it easier to assemble.

This skiff could be built in core panels by laying the core on a flat surface butting up the pieces. Then glassing one side over the entire panel. This panel will then be very flexible. Lay the glassed side down to form the inside skin. Temporarily screw or stitch together. Pull off and fillet and glass the inside. Roll over and really round the panel edges- Chines to soften the chine, then glass.


You know you want one

The GNARLEY 18 Jsfm is my concept for the over the hill crowd that still wants to pole about. In flats skiffs you have to sit elbow to elbow when running to and fro. With this design you get to have your own Captains seat. Using a jet drive adapted 300 hp engine she will fly along in inches of water annoying everyone on the flat watching you do doughnuts at 50 mph.


MUD MULLET a flats skiff concept

This design revolves around the idea of being quiet, dry when running, easy to pole, no skidding in a turn and to keep the weight out of the stern. With length you can balance to boat with three people and have very shallow draft. Most likely 4″. The stern will be quiet and easy to in.with the Jack plate she will run in inches. The bait well is in the middle for weight and to stop all the moving back and forth. It goes down to the hull bottom to not need a pump. 



Some of My life’s treasures consist of many wonderful shells I’ve collected off of beaches after their builders demise. I think shells are one of natures best kept secrets. Here you can find for free, for just the effort of just looking and bending over and picking up off the shoreline. I love the simple effort of evolution in shells making their own protective homes. The variety is overwhelming but the simple fact is they might all look the same within species but they are all just slightly different. Just like us , and boats. 

Here is my idea of what could fit me and Rachel at the smallest length to live on and cruise in, in warm waters.

An ICKRAMOCK is the Bahamian Spanish Wellsmens name for the spotted Cowerie. A nice home for sure anywhere in the warm waters of the world.

  All the writing on this concept drawing is my adding up the weights, sheets of plywood ,displacement and the costs to build.

A recent 19′ flats skiff design commission

John Royall from Texas hired me to design a flats skiff to fit his specific needs. John wanted to fish with up to 3 big guys including him, use his 150hp outboard, to have a small console with a removable ice chest in front and to look like a classic skiff. Well as classic as I could get using my bottom ideas. She had to be able to pole in shallow water and be level with a good fordeck. Yes and could she take some good chop too.

The best part of the commission was that he wanted to build it all in wood as John is a Master craftsman and makes his living rebuilding others dreams.

This skiff is to be built in strip plank, using core in between thin plywood veneers in the deck and cockpit sole. The rest is to be plywood in the flat chine and pad areas.

This will be a pleasant skiff to build as you will be smelling the wood the whole time. When fairing for the glass layer it will be wood dust. The glassing is nice because you are just laying over layers of cloth.

John requested that this be his exclusive one of a kind design design. No problem as I have lots more stuff  tacking back and forth in my head.

Please use the detail info here freely but respect Johns wishes.


A Bonefish carving commission 

I just finished this carving of a nice big Bonefish. I have swum alongside many a big school of Bonefish in deep water. They look very long and thin when not hoisted out of the water for a picture.

Here’s my version of one.

The above reference drawings I did on the back of a chart 25 years ago when I was captaining a mother vessel in the Marls of Abaco showing clients where to fish.



Heres some drawings to go along with my latest blog on chrismorejohn.Blogspot.com





Carving some fish this week, from Moray eels to a Coelacanth 

Shown here is a glimpse of how I take found wood and create fish. I use acrylics, stains,tacks for teeth, glass eyes, and varnish to make these fish.

I start with drawings and a good knowledge of the fish I will be striving to make. I am not trying to make exact copies but artistic versions of these fish. I like to say the wood makes my fish look good.

I sell these fish in art galleries and by word of mouth.






LITIHUM hull # 1 being built

Geno Baker , Brian Floyd and Scott Grider are building Hull #1 of this design in Islamorada Florida keys.

They will be making molds as they go along to build future skiffs from. I will keep adding the pictures as they send them to me to this post.