Trollcraft 16′ flats fishing skiff

My good friend Eric Bornstein and I have been discussing the problems of fishing alone in a flats skiff having to pole about with an unbalanced skiff. What about just designing a skiff that is just set up to use a trolling motor for singlehanded fishing?  Forget about poling about and just have a balanced skiff that has enough battery power to push or pull you along all day long. 

This is my concept drawing. My idea is to have the weight sitting as low and as central as possible. The skiff will be very rough water capable to get you to and fro but be very quiet when the trolling motor is in use. This design is for guys that have bad knees so it has easy steps up to the Chittum designed enclosed fishing cage. I have drawn in twin small rudders that will be linked up to the tower pad via Dyneema lines to a whipstaff tiller. You will have your trolling motor controls right on the Chittum cage in front of you. You steer the boat with a nudge to port or starboard with your toe or foot. Super simple low tech.

The best thing in fishing with trolling motors is to set one low speed and just creep along. No up and down speeds to alert the fish you are coming…. Just a low constant hum. Now with you in the Chittum cage you can just cast about at leisure.

The bow is straight to help it not blow about so much. Just like in a Whitehall rowing skiff. When running at speed it’s always out of the water.

This skiff can have a tower too for when you’re lucky enough to have someone to pole you about.

Water ballast tanks are drawn in to give the skiff solid weight in windy conditions. They can be filled and drained without electricity.

Just think of all the no motor zones that will be happening soon. 

The trolling motors shown can be both or just the one on the stern.



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  1. Tom

    I have also wondered about the blunt bow on a skiff. I am used to them on technical canoes and multihulls, so I don’t mind them aesthetically, not to mention there are many traditional types. They have the advantage of using the full hull; carrying displacement forward for more support for the angler; and it seems they would be quieter, since waves could not get up under them to sound off. But that is theory, I don’t know what has been found in practice.


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