CONCHFISH 16′ plans for sale

I have updated my old Whipray flats skiff design to reflect my current thinking. I feel the design shown here will be superior in many ways to the past design. I have changed the upper spray rails, the bottom chine, and added in an outer skeg to control high speed turns. 

The plans can be purchased through me direct at for $275.00 for the PDF files and as much email help you will need to build.

I will have a complete build discussion on my blog for this skiff and all skiff builders.

I have named this design after the small CONCHFISH that lives alongside the live Conch shell a highly shought after mollusk and shell that is very tasty in the Caribbean Sea. The fish will swim up inside the living conch when danger approaches. Bahamaians will tell you that the very small fish that you have just speared is a CONCHFISH because it is so small. In real life they are 1-2″ long. Your grouper  might be 20″ long but to them it’s just a CONCHFISH.

Conchs can be found on grassy shallow banks.



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  1. Jon Selman

    Incredible design work. Has anyone ever attempted one of these in stitch & glue, or have you ever designed a boat with that method in mind? Never played with foam before and while I love the conchfish I’m somewhat nervous about the likelihood that I’d over-resin and end up far heavier than I would have with a ply-core.

    Obviously the compound curves would require a strip job, but it seems like the aft stations would work.


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