Drawings from teenage years

I found these the other day. They were drawn from the age of 15-19. I post them here because they will not be lost as I live a tenuous sailing Gypsy lifestyle of moving about. Our home in the Bahamas is a good place but it’s in the hurricane alley way. Once online then they are kinda safe… Or as long as this internet thing continues.

I have had boats on my mind forever.




  1. Tom

    I recognize Jester, and of course the Gold Coast content. That is one of the best ways to learn how to design something, in my opinion, just start making copies of existing examples. To get them right you need to learn all the numbers, and then you start to see patterns, and away you go. This is what is so valuable about your putting up so many of your skiff designs, it provides accurate information that once learned as a baseline can stimulate a lot of thought.


    • Tom the junk drawing was me dreaming of putting that rig on a Soling hull. I was 17 years old then.
      The Gold Coast drawing is from when I worked there as their conceptual designer. I will post more pictures of my design ideas that were used by them. I drew this and many other designs just after we launched the first Wave Piercer.


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