A recent 19′ flats skiff design commission

John Royall from Texas hired me to design a flats skiff to fit his specific needs. John wanted to fish with up to 3 big guys including him, use his 150hp outboard, to have a small console with a removable ice chest in front and to look like a classic skiff. Well as classic as I could get using my bottom ideas. She had to be able to pole in shallow water and be level with a good fordeck. Yes and could she take some good chop too.

The best part of the commission was that he wanted to build it all in wood as John is a Master craftsman and makes his living rebuilding others dreams.

This skiff is to be built in strip plank, using core in between thin plywood veneers in the deck and cockpit sole. The rest is to be plywood in the flat chine and pad areas.

This will be a pleasant skiff to build as you will be smelling the wood the whole time. When fairing for the glass layer it will be wood dust. The glassing is nice because you are just laying over layers of cloth.

John requested that this be his exclusive one of a kind design design. No problem as I have lots more stuff  tacking back and forth in my head.

Please use the detail info here freely but respect Johns wishes.



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  1. Tom

    The solo skiff I am currently working on, has a slot, and I was interested in your comments on the blog about noise. I could see on a boat of Royal’s size having a drop board to fit back there to stop waves coming into the slot and clattering about. an inch of flare would hardly be noticeable, and would hold the board in nicely. If haystacks in the open bottom case were a problem the drop could have a leg on it to stop water working inside. I don’t imagine it would see much use, but if a really challenging situation presented itself, it could be used. Once the engine is up, just drop in the board.


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