Hogfish Maximus survives hurricane IRMA 

Heres some photos of Hogfish In the mangroves and how we survived a Cat. 3 storm wind. This is her 7th hurricane she has survived by beening able to stay away from everyone else and by having shoal draft, lots of line….. 3000 feet, anchors and just plain preparation.


The cat power boat behind me is a friends and I tied it off for him. Survived no problem.



I tied 40 lines to separate mangrove roots.

 My old shop is dead.   
Pre storm beer in the LITHIUM SKIFF.


Bay Skiff ideas

I had an inquiry the other day about designing a Bay Skiff with lots of forward flair. Here’s some of my ideas.



Some pictures of building some ultra lite and very strong spray rails for a Super Skiff of HPX type of skiff.

They are removable if wanted and weigh 4 lbs each.




The wood is just the form to glass up against. 




Stitch and glue skiff

heres a set of lines to ponder for a stich and glue skiff of 17’x 9″ draft.

A bit distorted with the photo

Offshore capable shoal draft box boat.

I have been working on this Sharpie Junk Yawl design for the past year. It is a commission from a European family for an offshore capable shoal draft design that they would primarily use along the coast of France.

There is a lot of stuff packed into a 32′ x 8’x 20″ plywood box shaped sailboat here.

I have started to add felt pen colors to my drawings as I have found that most people have a hard time seeing through all the lines of a design when in just black and white. When the drawings are copied the colors are more subdued and I am quite happy with the results.

There are no measurements on these photos of the drawings as I am hoping to sell maybe a set of plans.

I will write about it on my other blog soon.

To answer questions please just email me as its way easier this way to answer.




Building a epoxy one off deck

These photos show the sequence of building a one off deck for a friends 17′ Envi home built skiff. He was building in Raka epoxy so that’s what I used. It took me 56 hours of work in his shop with his tools to build the deck and the 4 hatches. The deck is crowned.

Go to my blog chrismorejohn.blogspot next week for the complete explanation of this process.



Building LITHIUM hull #2 

I am in the process in my spare time of building hull #2 from the LITHIUM mold. It will be my last flats skiff build as I will be off sailing to the Pacific this winter and will be looking for new adventures and different projects.

This skiff is sold and is going to be a tiller skiff with a 50 Hp on the stern. Follow along here as I post the build photos. She is being built in hand laid up vynelester resin with a solid skin with all core interior parts.

Old school building but you will see the differences in real costs of time, materials and what she will weigh when done.









New design the JACKFISH 18 

I am presently designing a skiff to fit into the deep vee large outboard market for a Florida flats skiff manufacturer. This skiff will have a transom rating for a 150 hp outboard and will float on its lines at 9″ draft. These sketches are showing how it will go up against the two skiffs in this market the Maverick HPX and the CHITUM 18′ Skiff which has the same hull dimensions as the HPX. It looks like the Chittum designers used the HPX as a guide to their modification.









A new design for MACHETE MARINE

This is the hull design I did as per request for this company.

Its 24’x6-1/2′ x 5-8″ 



I met Matt Layden around 26 years ago. I went for sails with him on his Paradox design when we met up in the Exumas. The Buldocks were there to on his centerboard design. We all sailed each other’s boats.

It was lots of fun.

Here’s my idea of a small boat using Matts roller furling lug sail. I want to be able to sit outside on deck in good weather and have a ballasted keel setup. I also want to be able to lower the mast at sea or anytime easily so this is my version and a bit longer.

Here I am sailing PARADOX