SLIPPERY DICK SKIFF # 2 plans available in pdf cad plans.

I have updated my last SD skiff design and now my partner Nathan Shawl will be drawing them all out so that they can builders can have full size plans parts printed out.

Some detail changes are in the tunnel to make it turn better at high speeds, and just some slight refinements of flare and looks.

This Skiff can carry up to 6 fly rods in under deck rod racks.

When going into a no motor zone a 2-8 hp outboard can lay down and fit under the side deck out of the way.

This design is very stable for standing on the bow to paddle or pole along. You can walk around the side decks it’s that stable.

Draft will be max at 3″ but with one guy it will be 2″.

Plans will be in core and wood ply, and ply stitch and glue.

Cost for the PDF files will be $95.00 You can use these to print out what you need and save me time and you $.

Email me for more info at …


New H-35 Junk Yawl design

Here I will share the beginning process of fleshing out a design for a Danish client.

This is an offshore shoal draft design using an outboard that lifts into a well.

I go through many sketches before I start on the final design with my clients.

I will share the final design when done.

Helping others see their vision

I get quite a few emails from people asking advice and opinions on what they are drawing up as their perfect Skiff. Shown here is the pictures I received via email and with a bit of emails back and forth asking questions you can see what this gentleman’s design came to be once I had all his info in place.

You have to see in 3-D to flesh out someone else’s vision. You might be able to see here what I have to deal with as it’s easy to come up with a transom shape and bottom but how to make it all flow together into a hull is another matter.

Once I presented him with his fleshed out version of his dream vision he decided to abandon the project as it was too complicated.

The process for me is fun though.

Isla Marines new 10 Weight Flats Skiff design.

Brian and Heidi Floyd are almost ready to start building hull number one of their new flats Skiff design.

I designed this Skiff with input from Brian using all we learned from designing and building the LITHIUM plug mold and hull #1

And myself from building hull #2 of the LITHIUM on my own.

The rounded stern has new refinements. This should be a very easy to run…low hp needed and extremely easy to pole.

It will be the quietest Skiff out there.

Hogfish Maximus at sea en route to Panama

Hope theses videos load here. We were 7 days sailing 940 miles from Great Inagua to Bocas Del Toro Panama. There was lots of wind and nice big beam seas as we reached and sailed close hauled across the western Caribbean Sea. The last 200 miles had virtually no wind so we motored along at 1400 rpms. That was the worst part.

Enjoy some pictures from the trip so far. I will be posting some new junk rig designs soon.

The red is where we motored, bummer

The law in Panama is everyone wears life jackets !

Here’s some tracks of our past voyages. Looking forward to getting back to the Pacific after 43 years.

Today’s real boat.

Today finds Rachel, I and the HOGFISH MAXIMUS tied up in a small basin on the island of Greta Inagua in the Bahamas. We are enroute to Panama and then onwards to the South Pacific and on up to BC Canada.

I have been very busy lately getting our island home set up for renters and getting the HFM ready for this 14 month cruise to BC.

It has not helped that I have had to pass kidney stones 6 times this past winter so far. I hope they are all gone or my beach is all gone.

My kids updated my iPads awhile back as I not not done this for years. Now I can’t get to my other blog without being online to write so I will post stuff I see as we go along here for now.

I have 5 design commissions going along now so will be posting new stuff soon as I get things done both in power and in sail.

This morning a Haitian sloop sailed into the basin here to drop off passengers and pick some up for the return trip. It’s been blowing 25-30 knots for the past 5 days. There are 5 yachts here waiting on lesser winds to sail off. Us too. By Monday the winds will drop a few knots and we will be off.

The Haitian Captain named Bob sails like we always have when there is a breeze hence why he made the 90 mile crossing in 9′ seas.

Please enjoy what is an example of a pure engineless Haitian sailing sloop of days gone by and still sailing today. She is 10 years old and the going rate for one to be bought today is around $8,000.00. So now all you have to do is find Bob to act as your broker and you could be off sailing in your own trading vessel. The only bad part is every Coast Guard vessel in sight will be boarding you to see what you are smuggling.

Some sketches of tunnel needs 

Just sent out these to a couple guys that are building tunnels

A small super light weight Skiff the ” SLIPPERY DICK”

A friend asked if I thought I could come up with a Skiff that could weigh around 100 lbs to be carried in a truck bed.

This is my idea. We will build it this next and I will show you all the process here. My goal is to have it built in the water in 4 days.

Let’s see how it goes…


New design for ISLA MARINE the 10 WEIGHT flats skif

Last summers power cat design commission.

This design was for a family’s build project to be able to build a one-off all core cat on their own.

Photos shown not in order. I will add more as I take pictures of my hand drawn plans