Some sketches of tunnel needs 

Just sent out these to a couple guys that are building tunnels


A small super light weight Skiff the ” SLIPPERY DICK”

A friend asked if I thought I could come up with a Skiff that could weigh around 100 lbs to be carried in a truck bed.

This is my idea. We will build it this next and I will show you all the process here. My goal is to have it built in the water in 4 days.

Let’s see how it goes…


New design for ISLA MARINE the 10 WEIGHT flats skiff

Last summers power cat design commission.

This design was for a family’s build project to be able to build a one-off all core cat on their own.

Photos shown not in order. I will add more as I take pictures of my hand drawn plans


New CONCHFISH 16 being built by Eric Kimes and friends. I will add the other guys names that are building with Eric when I get them. They are doing this as a fun project to get a feel for building a one offs Skiff. Some of the guys already own skiffs that I  Have built but they want to build one of their own.

PIRANHA 18′ Flats Skiff hull lines.

Here are the hull lines of my latest design done by my partner Nathan Shawl.

Nathan takes my hand drawn lines and redraws them to perfection. There is lots of back and forth emails with me to make sure he see my details correctly. Nathan is really good at this. Nathan sails on the Great Lakes and knows boats well but the flats skiff world is unknown to him. 

These lines drawings are now better and used at at CNC shop that is today carving out the plug from Nathan’s computer work.

Hogfish Maximus survives hurricane IRMA 

Heres some photos of Hogfish In the mangroves and how we survived a Cat. 3 storm wind. This is her 7th hurricane she has survived by beening able to stay away from everyone else and by having shoal draft, lots of line….. 3000 feet, anchors and just plain preparation.


The cat power boat behind me is a friends and I tied it off for him. Survived no problem.



I tied 40 lines to separate mangrove roots.

 My old shop is dead.   
Pre storm beer in the LITHIUM SKIFF.

Bay Skiff ideas

I had an inquiry the other day about designing a Bay Skiff with lots of forward flair. Here’s some of my ideas.



Some pictures of building some ultra lite and very strong spray rails for a Super Skiff of HPX type of skiff.

They are removable if wanted and weigh 4 lbs each.




The wood is just the form to glass up against. 




Stitch and glue skiff

heres a set of lines to ponder for a stich and glue skiff of 17’x 9″ draft.

A bit distorted with the photo